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For client privacy we have blurred out the website, however here are the positive results after our SEO experts optimised a website of a local business.

We managed to achieve top rankings for various keywords. This client went from having 20 leads a week to over 300 leads a week.

That’s an increase of 1,400%!

seo results 1
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Local SEO Experts

This graph shows the increase in back links and website referrals for a client of ours.

Our Local SEO experts manually work on every back link and referral with high quality sites, to get high quality results.

Local Company Results

This graph shows the increase in website visitors for this particular client.
Our SEO experts got this clients website from 3,000 monthly visitors to over 15,000 monthly visitors.

That’s a 400% increase in visitors!

seo results 3
seo results 4

Local Business SEO Experts

This graph shows the Google position of a keyword for a clients business website. The website was ranking on page 10 of Google (100th position), however our SEO experts managed to increase this to page 1 (ranking 1).

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