Web Design Portfolio

Some of the responsive web design and SEO projects we have worked on

Titan Fencing

Local Fencing Company

Work Completed - Web Design, SEO

The work required by the client was to simply get the phone ringing, we created a simple, responsive website that targeted a 20-mile radius. With the creation of 30 location pages with a prominent call to action, the client was extremely happy with the work that we had done.


Property Investment Company

Work Completed - Web Design

The work required by the client was to design a responsive website that included a blog, so that the client could update the blog regularly.

The clients specialise in property investment in the North West of England and have already secured 6 separate meetings with customers in the first 2 weeks of the site going live.

Basic admin section training was given to the clients so that they can make any changes to the website and blog at their own request.


Industrial Style Furniture

Work Completed - Web Design

The work required by the client was to create a responsive e-commerce store that showcased their handmade furniture.

The client was only selling through eBay and Etsy before they contacted Wigan Web Design and they were fed up with the high costs from such platforms.

Since building the client’s website we have in fact purchased an “Arkwright” dining table and we would definitely recommend you checked them out.

We update the website for the client each month with new content, new products and any online help they may need.


Garden Building Manufacturers

Work Completed - Web Design, Logo Design

The work required by the client was to create a responsive e-commerce store that showcased their range of garden buildings such as garden sheds, garden bars, and summerhouses.

The client needed a logo and also social media assets designing.

The product range keeps growing for this fantastic company in Golborne, Warrington, be sure to check them out if you need a new garden shed!


Roofing Company

Work Completed - Web Design, SEO

The work required by the client was to build and design a responsive website that generated plenty of business enquiries and boy did we do that!

The client wanted to target a 10-20 mile radius of where they live, so we created over 200 individual location pages, set them up with a new local phone number (which redirects to a number of their choice), and got to work with the search engine optimisation (SEO).

We can see from our stats that the client receives over 100 enquiries a month and just with a simple google search of “Roofer Bolton” you will see that our client is doing very well indeed.

Garage Conversions

Work Completed - Web Design, Logo Design

The client tasked us with developing a dynamic website for their bespoke service, Wigan Garage Conversions, highlighting their expertise in transforming garages into functional living spaces, including offices, bedrooms, and more.

They also required a distinctive logo and a suite of social media assets to enhance their online brand presence.

With a continuously expanding portfolio of successful garage conversions, this outstanding company based in Wigan is your go-to expert for converting your garage into your dream space. Don’t miss exploring their services if you’re considering a garage transformation!

Driveway Company

Work Completed - Web Design, SEO

Our client’s requirement was to develop and design a high-performing, responsive website to attract a significant number of business leads, and we successfully achieved this goal.

The client’s aim was to reach potential customers throughout Leicestershire.

To accomplish this, we built more than 2,000 pages, each equipped with a new local phone number that forwards calls to a number they prefer.

We also diligently worked on enhancing the website’s search engine optimisation (SEO).

Our analytics indicate that the client now receives between 60-100 enquiries per month.

Driveway Company

Work Completed - Web Design, SEO

Our task was to create and design an effective, user-friendly website for our client, a driveways company in Derby, aimed at boosting their business inquiries.

We successfully met this challenge.

Focusing on target areas within Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire we developed over 300 distinct local pages.

Each page was linked to a new local phone number that redirected to a chosen number, enhancing their local presence.

Our efforts in search engine optimisation (SEO) were also a key part of this strategy.

The results are evident in our data, showing the client now attracts more than 80 leads per month.

A quick Google search for “Driveways Derby” clearly demonstrates our client’s impressive market performance.

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